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Rincon International Film Festival Award   Belize International Film Festival Award   DC Caribbean Film Festival   Garifuna International Film Festival Pan African Film Festival

Resistance, Rupture and Repair: The Caribs of St. Vincent in the Caribbean
An untold history of the indigenous caribs on St. Vincent: their near extermination and exile by the British 200 years ago, and return of some in the Diaspora to reconnect with those left behind. A powerful, untold story of Caribbean Resistance, Rupture and Repair in post-colonial St. Vincent.

“The film considers the effects of colonization, slavery, genocide, and exile as they continue to reverberate across generations, but also beautifully highlights the central role of dance, drumming, and food ways in diasporal survival and revival. This film will be a great resource for any student of Caribbean history or culture.”

- MonicaHairston O'Connell, Ph.D., Executive Director
Center for Black Music Research, Columbia College Chicago