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Libraries, Museums, Non Profit Organizations and Public High Schools, please order the community group version.

Home Use Purchase of Yurumein: DVD copies of Yurumein that are purchased for private and personal home use may not be used for any type of institutional, educational, community, library, resale, rental, or public use whatsoever. They are not to be duplicated, transmitted in any form, or used in any other unauthorized manner. Purchase of these films for Home Video use constitutes an agreement to these terms.

These films are excellent teaching tools for students of:
  • Anthropology
  • Visual Anthropology
  • Ethnography
  • Sociology
  • Post-colonial Studies
  • African-American Studies
  • Caribbean Studies
  • Caribbean History
  • Third Word Studies
  • Indigenous Studies

Yurumein: Homeland DVD Yurumein: Homeland
Resistance, Rupture & Repair: The story of the Caribs of St. Vincent in the Caribbean

DVD: 50-minute documentary / 4:3 aspect ratio / surround sound
ISBN: 978-1-57448-478-6
Completion Date: January 2014

Institutions: (Colleges/Universities) $250
Community Groups/Public Libraries/K-12 Schools: $99

Select your use option for Yurumein: Homeland from one of the 3 purchase choices below:

The Garifuna Journey DVD The Garifuna Journey
A first voice testimony celebrating the resiliency of the Garifuna people and their traditions.

DVD: 46-minute documentary with study guide
ISBN: 978-1-57448-178-5
Completion Date: February 1998

Institutions: (Colleges/Universities) $150
Community Groups/Public Libraries/K-12 Schools: $89
Digital Streaming: The film is available for a 21-day streaming period at the low price of $4.99!

Select your use option for The Garifuna Journey from one of the 4 purchase choices below: