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"Don’t forget your culture. If you lose your culture, you lose your identity. If you lose your identity, you don’t know where to go."
- Armando Crisanto Melendez
Garifuna tradition bearer
from Honduras

Pilgrimage to Balliceux 2012    
Rincon International Film Fest Best Documentary   Belize International Film Fest Official Selection
DC Caribbean Film Festival   Garifuna International Film Festival
Caribbean Tales Film Festival   Pan African Film Festival


Future Screenings

  • Coming Soon

Past Screenings

  • International Congress Caribbean Cultural Diversity
  • Garifuna International Research Conference
  • Caribbean Studies Association Conference
  • Pan African Film Festival
  • Society for Visual Anthropology
  • Critical Heritage Studies Conference
  • African Diaspora International Film Festival
  • Caribbean Tales Film Festival
  • Belize International Film Festival
  • Sacred Journeys Conference
  • AFI - DC Caribbean Film Fest
  • Garifuna International Film Festival
  • Rincón Film Festival
  • St. John Film Society
  • Caribbean Museum of Art

    Host a Screening

    1. Purchase a Community Screening DVD
      Individuals, community groups and libraries can purchase YURUMEIN, for the community group price of $150 n New Day Films Website. This includes public performance rights for 100 or less, but no the right to charge admission. If you or your organization are planning on charging admission for the screening, collecting donations or using the film for a fundraiser, or if the screening is for more than 100 people, you must select our institutional screening price of $250. The purchase your community screening option, go to the New Day website.( add link for new day site)

    2. Download Our Screening Tools
      To screen YURUMEIN publically you must purchase a community screening DVD.

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